Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter in Belgium. Part#2.

Our easter vacation in Belgium continued with a day trip to the city Brugge, a one hour train ride from Brussels.
Brugge is on the World Heritage site of UNESCO, and I have no problem understanding why.

This is a beautiful city. We decided to take the boat trip on the Canals, so we could get a good view of all the old architecture.
I had a hard time keeping up with my camera. Where ever I looked, there were photos to be taken… just incredible!

We went in to a Café to have some of the famous Belgium Waffles…delicious!

Belgium is also known for making some of the best chocolate in the world, and there were small Chocolate Boutiques everywhere. They were decorated for easter and everything looked so good.

We had such a great time in Brussels and Brugge, and I hope to go back again to enjoy more of what Belgium has to offer.

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