Friday, October 5, 2012

Giving back.

About 16 years ago, my husband, our two daughters and I were lucky enough to live a couple of years in sunny California.
My husband was offered a job in a Norwegian company located in Long Beach. We settled in Huntington Beach, know as Surf City, and we absolutely loved it.
We try to go back every fall to visit good friends and enjoy the nice weather before preparing ourselves for the long cold winter in Norway.

In San Pedro and Palos Verdes, there are large communities of scandinavians. It was wonderful being a part of the Norwegian Seamen´s Church and the Scandinavian Center at Nansen field (SCAN). It was truly a home away from home.

Every year, the Seamen´s Church and SCAN organizes a fundraising event by arranging a Golf Tournament. This year I really wanted to give something back for all the support our family got during our time in California. So I donated a Mixed Media canvas for a silent auction.

It´s 12" x 12", so it will actually fit in my suitcase.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Comfort Zone.

As you may know, I´m taking part in Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons E-Course.
We are over 500 women with the same dream: to live a creative life.
This last week I have gotten so much inspiration from all of these fantastic, talented women.
I posted a couple of pictures of my work on our closed Facebook page.
Now I feel a little overwhelmed by the response and support.

A lot of these wonderful women are working with bright colors, and I absolutely love that!
So I challenge myself with the use of Pink, which I find appropriate since it is October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I really want to be more daring in my choice of color.
But then again, working in my Art Journal with my favorite colors, within my comfort zone, is also so relaxing.

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