Saturday, November 3, 2012

I´m Back!

I just returned from my trip to sunny California. I had a wonderful time visiting good friends, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Las Vegas and of course: SHOPPING!.

I also got to go to an Art Show (, held by Whimzy in old Tustin. I forgot to take pictures inside the art show, but I can tell you... it was fantastic!

My friend Carol and I also had a nice trip to Old Orange. I can really recommend a whole day in Old Orange. You need time to look at all the cute shops and there are some great places to eat.

We spend a lot of time inside Country Roads (, an amazing store!

The kids and I had a hot day (93 F) in Disneyland. There was not a lot of people that day, so we did not wait in line for a long time

The Haunted House was decorated for Halloween. It looked really spooky!

Our trip to Universal Studios was also great. I had not been there for a while, so it was nice to see all the new attractions. The Simpson roller coaster was a great ride, I did not have high expectations, but that ride was so fun!

Waterworld is a must see I think. Great show.

We meet up with friends at Crystal Cove state park, Laguna Beach and had a wonderful dinner at The Beachcomber watching the sunset. I don´t think you can eat any closer to the pacific ocean then here!

Speaking of food. We had to visit the place you get the best shakes, in our old neighborhood: Ruby´s at the Huntington Beach pier.

Las Vegas was also great fun. I think that trip maybe need a blogpost of it own!

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