Tuesday, December 3, 2013


As you may know, I just had my first exhibition.
I’ve had the pleasure of showing off my work in Galleri eM in wonderful Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad. 

My exhibition was called “Ta sats" ("Take flight"), something that I really feel that I've done now.
I must admit that I was terrified on the opening day, but with the support of my friends and my husband Terje, everything went really well.
I had a lot of positive responses and sold ten paintings.

I want to thank all of you who took the time to visit me in the gallery. You all contributed in making this a great experience.

As you can imagine, these past seven weeks have been busy. However, while spending four days a week in the gallery, I still found the time to create some new paintings.


  1. Hei
    Fine bilder og fint innlegg. Flink du!
    Klem Venke

  2. These are ALL Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love the butterfly ones!!!

    1. Thank you Wanda! I have been into my butterflies for a while now ;-). They keep coming back!

  3. Hi Mette .. I'll try again.. Just as I said earlier.:) i'm so proud of you and I think your work is amazing. Well done, good for you , great launch. 2013 was / is the new beginning for you . <3/

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! I really appreciate all the support. 2013 has been a fantastic year for me. It all started to come together after I took Flora Bowley's Bloom True painting class. I need to find a setting on my blog that notify me, when I get a comment on my blog ;-))). Thanks Sandy!


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